Innovation Lab


  • Pictance

    Face recognition using neural networks.
  • Kotlinbots Hexapod

    Android can also be used to program robots!
  • Tango

    Switch between the virtual world and the real world thanks to Tango.
  • TJBot

    TJBot can dance, respond to emotions and engage into conversation with the service that Watso...
  • ILStyle

    Style Transfer of famous paintings to photos, with NodeJS + TensorFlow.
  • ILVision

    Recognizing faces and drawing on face elements, with NodeJS + Google Cloud Vision API + React...
  • ILDrone

    Drone Flight Controller, with Intel Edison + ArDrone 2.0 + NodeJS + Johhny-Five.
  • OBDled

    Controlling LED strips according to the RPM of the car using Arduino.
  • ILFeeder

    Pet Feeder with voice command or in an App, with Particle’s Photon.
  • Leonardo GreenMoov

    Telepresence robot based on InMoov and controlled by an Oculus Rift and Leap Motion.