Innovation Lab


June, 2016

In this project I’m reading the RPM (and speed if I were moving) of my car using the OBD-II UART Adapter from Freematics. Data is being sent to an Arduino Mega 2560 that shows the information on a TFT LCD screen and controlls the LED strips.

Status: Finished.


The RGB LED strips turn on according to the RPM of the car. At 800 RPM (idle for my car) there are five LEDs on in each strip, at 4000 RPM (my max revs on a regular drive) the 30 LEDs on each strip turn on.

I can change the color of the LEDs by pressing a button on the screen. I have seven preset colors and the option to turn the LEDs off.

At 3000 and 3500 RPM the text on the screen changes color to show that it’s a good or a perfect time to shift gear. I used to have some LEDs changing color according to this, but it was too annoying.

It also works as a performance box, restarting a time counter each time the car stops and calculates the distance traveled (using the speed and time), stoping the time counter after traveling 1/8 or 1/4 mile. Useful for practicing for drag races anywhere.

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